I Blame You: A Candid Letter to a Mean Kid's Parents

Dear parents of the kid who is beating on my child,

 You are raising a jerk.  Yes, I said it! This one is totally on you.  You have created a self-centered, entitled, phony-bologna, roll-all-over-with a fake injury until the referee is so annoyed HE steps right over his body while you jump off the bleachers and cheer him on, jerk. And now, he's picking on my kid.  Oh, yeah, I know who you are.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  He acts JUST LIKE YOU. While you cuss at the coaches and the ref...while you praise you kid for elbowing the child on the field next to him....while you make your presence known LOUD and PROUD...He is watching you.
You think you're making him strong. You think your his number one fan.  You think you're preparing him for life, but instead, you are preparing him to fail.

What's that?  You want to know why I'm blaming you?  Well, let me enlighten you...

Please consider this that one big piece of something you think the world owes you.


Ours?  Our child will be fine. 
 We are teaching him to be kind and honest and sensitive and a gentle-man.  We are teaching him to be serious and silly and child-like and happy.
 We are teaching him to put ladies first, open doors,  turn the other cheek and sit still in church on Sunday.  We are teaching him that breastfeeding mothers are special and involved fathers are a rare gift, that grandparents are precious and family is forever!  We are teaching him that hard work is more important than riches,  debts must be paid and money doesn't grow on trees.
We are teaching him to keep his word, always do his best and that his reputation is everything.
We are teaching him to be kind to everyone, take garbage from no one and be there for the weak one.
We are teaching him to get his hands dirty, to swing from trees, to dig holes for no reason and to roll around in the grass.
We are teaching him to put bugs back outside, leave food out for the strays and respect life of all stages.
We are teaching him to love his country, to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance and  to say "thank you" to  those that keep him free.
We are teaching him that it's okay for boys to help out around the house, that girls can do anything boys can do and that he can be anything he wants to be.

We are teaching him that people are weak, God is strong, heaven is waiting and hell is real.
We are teaching him to change a baby's diaper, tell his sister she's beautiful and that his brothers will be his friends for life.
We are teaching him to work for everything he needs, save for what he wants and take care of the things he has.
We are teaching him that his heritage is great, his presence on this earth matters and his future is bright.
We are teaching him that beauty is ond the inside, skin color doesn't matter and peoples' differences are what make them amazing.
We are teaching him that the Constitution is timeless, the law is the law and jail is not a joke.
We are teaching him that sin is sin, right is right, wrong is wrong and forgiveness is forgiveness.
We are teaching him to say sorry when he's wrong, accept an apology when its given and never make a girl cry.
We are teaching him to compliment the chef, be at the dinner table on time and keep his burps on the inside.
We are teaching him to say, please and thank you and yes, ma'am and no sir.

We are teaching him to always keep his head up,  never let his guard down
and ONLY if it comes down to hit or be hit, to knock your son the hell out.

We are teaching him that we will always stand up for him when he is right, never stand up for him when he is wrong and that discipline means, "We love you too much too let you fail".
  and we are teaching him to pray for your son.  

You see, unfortunately during your life, you failed to learn a very important lesson and therefore failed to teach it to your son.  
How you treat people matters.

You are setting the stage. You are setting your child up for failure.
Our child?  Our child will be fine.

A Proud Mama

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