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Maternity Leave: Why I Refuse To Let Myself Feel Guilty For Extending It

Our 4th baby will be born on June 22 by C-section.  Technically, I can have that baby and be back to school at the start of the school year....But I won't.
We're all familiar with "Mommy Guilt" but there is "Teacher Guilt" too....It's that horrible feeling you have when you realize that your maternity leave means that 20+ little ones will walk into their first few weeks of school with a SUBSTITUTE only to have their REAL TEACHER come back a while later and mess up their nice, little routine--- a Maternity Leave rendition of Miss Nelson is Missing.
It's worrisome for me as the teacher too.  What if my substitute allows behaviors I would have nipped in the bud on the first day?  What if he or she sets up their supply notebooks, desks and cubbies all wrong?  WHAT IF they form terrible habits that will take me the ENTIRE year to correct....WHAT IF!?
 But I've had to let that all go.

Here are the reasons why I have elected to extend my maternity le…