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I Blame You: A Candid Letter to a Mean Kid's Parents

Dear parents of the kid who is beating on my child,

 You are raising a jerk.  Yes, I said it! This one is totally on you.  You have created a self-centered, entitled, phony-bologna, roll-all-over-with a fake injury until the referee is so annoyed HE steps right over his body while you jump off the bleachers and cheer him on, jerk. And now, he's picking on my kid.  Oh, yeah, I know who you are.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  He acts JUST LIKE YOU. While you cuss at the coaches and the ref...while you praise you kid for elbowing the child on the field next to him....while you make your presence known LOUD and PROUD...He is watching you.
You think you're making him strong. You think your his number one fan.  You think you're preparing him for life, but instead, you are preparing him to fail.

What's that?  You want to know why I'm blaming you?  Well, let me enlighten you...

Please consider this that one big piece of something you think the world owes y…

A Teacher-Mom's Guide to Dealing with Your Child's Bully

We live in an age where bullying is a real issue. The news is constantly reporting horrible stories of bad behavior that results in physical or emotional injury to a child....and everywhere,  the hearts of parents break.  WHY?!  Why are kids so horribly mean?! (I'm going to try answer this question in a post to be published in the VERY near future.) In the mean time, here is how to be an advocate for your child without being THAT PARENT.

First, a little clarification is in order.  As a teacher, I hear the word "bullying" used incorrectly as often as I hear the word "ain't" and it gives me chills in the same fashion.
Here is the definition according to

"A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself."

So here is what bullying is not.  Bullying is not your child's best…

How Not To Be a Birthzilla

I haven't written for a while.  Baby #4 was born on June 22.  We have been very busy being a family of 6. The laundry alone might.just.kill me. The rest, however, has been wonderful.  We have started our home school year (officially opening our school this year!), we have traveled to all the 3 regions of North Carolina and we have begun preparing for middle school (yikes!).  I finally have few minutes to share...
On this last hospital stay with baby #4, I overheard something strange.  As one of my postpartum nurses left the room with an intern, I heard her say, "She's wonderful, so obviously, she'd be a ONE".  I realized that during our five minute meeting, she had not only assessed my health, but also my attitude.  I started thinking about that.  It seems strange that anyone could be in a bad mood after just giving birth to a bouncing baby, but it really does happen.  I was happy my attitude had mattered, after all, I had put some thought into making my stay p…

Maternity Leave: Why I Refuse To Let Myself Feel Guilty For Extending It

Our 4th baby will be born on June 22 by C-section.  Technically, I can have that baby and be back to school at the start of the school year....But I won't.
We're all familiar with "Mommy Guilt" but there is "Teacher Guilt" too....It's that horrible feeling you have when you realize that your maternity leave means that 20+ little ones will walk into their first few weeks of school with a SUBSTITUTE only to have their REAL TEACHER come back a while later and mess up their nice, little routine--- a Maternity Leave rendition of Miss Nelson is Missing.
It's worrisome for me as the teacher too.  What if my substitute allows behaviors I would have nipped in the bud on the first day?  What if he or she sets up their supply notebooks, desks and cubbies all wrong?  WHAT IF they form terrible habits that will take me the ENTIRE year to correct....WHAT IF!?
 But I've had to let that all go.

Here are the reasons why I have elected to extend my maternity le…

Naturally-Minded Mamas Facing C-Section: Planning The Most "Natural" C-Section Possible

My birth plan is the most important thing that will be in my hospital bag.  It's the written document that will tell my hospital, my doctor and his staff my views on my birthing experience and my wishes for how they care for my baby and for me.  My plan has morphed significantly over the last several years (our oldest will be 12 this summer), so I thought I'd share the process and the end result.

Disclosure:  I am not a doctor, nor am I medically trained.  I use common sense and reading skills to make my own decisions about what is healthy for myself and my family.  Anything written here is purely my opinion and is not intended to be medical advise of any form.  I encourage you to do your own research!

While I consider myself holistically minded (the body, mind and soul are all part of health and healing) and believe strongly in natural healing (using healthy food and lifestyle choices to heal my body and keep it healthy) I never want to be accused of being totally agains…

What Will Be In My Hospital Bag for Baby #4

The Bag   Baby #4 will be delivered via C-Section in June.  There will be no crying, whining or arguing about it...this time.  Although I'd prefer a natural water birth (maybe even at home), I've had 2 previous C-Sections and I trust my doctor. I believe his concerns are these: 1.  He did not perform my first C-section, and therefore does not know the integrity of the "repair work", 2.  He knows from my medical records that their was a small emergency during or right after that surgery that involved lots of blood and 3. I have had 2 previous C-sections which makes another C-section the safest option.

For baby #3 I asked I begged for a VBAC, and he gave me a stern "NO!" and  I challenged, "You are going to give me a hard time about this aren't you?!"  To which he calmly replied,
 "No, I'm not going to give you a hard time...but I'll be there to save your life when you hemorrhage  almost to death."  CRICKETS... ... ...
YES, ma…